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FAQ(Frequently Asked Questions)

Q1 Good if you want to request a quote?
0120-27-0133To please feel free to call us. Estimates are free of charge.

Q2 You can cancel the service?
It's possible.
However, there is a balance on the reservations, cancellations may occur, so please at your earliest convenience.

Q3 Do you mind cleaning estimates ago even okay?
All right.

Q4 Payments how do I do? In addition, credit cards can be used?
Payment cash or by bank transfer(Fees are your responsibility and we will)In the thank you.
You pay with a card, do not respond.

Q5 Can I get compensation if service failure or accident?
Liability insurance, because we have a responsibility to assist, so please rest assured.


"I felt I was asking!"
(Fujieda city residents and 30-something housewife)
Air conditioning cleaning and asked.
Explanation of who was responsible for the cleaning and the active story, confidence was up.
Refreshing style spout from the air conditioner after cleaning, I realized was asked.

"With confidence in this, you can use the air conditioning"
(YAIZU living / 60s housewife)
Grandchildren, requested air conditioner cleaning.
Why don't you clean dirt, "was so dirty! "And I was surprised.
You can use the air conditioning to the grandchildren, with confidence in this.

"Now after cleaning, refreshing breeze!"
(Shimada / 30s hair salon business man)
Because the smell of the store was very asked air conditioner cleaning.
Instead of cleaning after a refreshing breeze on the job, such as perm solution smell was moved to air conditioning, in which can be spent in stores customers comfortably.

"Very dolled up!"
(Fujieda city residents and 40-something housewife)
I asked the hood.
Oil stains are miracles has become beautiful.
Now, it can make delicious food to the family.

"To ask on a regular basis."
(Fujieda / 70s male)
Bathroom and toilet and asked.
Thanks to the explanation of who was responsible for the condition of the dirt could see better.
Also, please clean carefully, ask for on a regular basis.
Of course, the finish was satisfactory.
Thanks for the roads will.

"Better ask professional still"
(YAIZU residents and 30-something women)
To live with my grandmother and asked house cleaning.
Decided to renovate my home, to live with Grandma.
Cleaning the whole House was renovated with the asked.
Good to ask professional again.
Away in my mind are not sure it can be cleanly, this living comfortably with Grandma.

"High quality and pleasant staff"
(Tokyo residents and 50 real estate Executive women)
I asked the homemaking service.
So doesn't diminish the value of the apartment, asked cleaning on a regular basis.
I think that clean-up quick and responsive, high quality, reasonable price.