Housecleaning ~!

I was asked for the floor wax construction.
Carefully down the dirt, wax twice!
It took two full days with three because it was a big house.
Became very beautiful! Was pleased and so cheap!

Housecleaning ~!

Finally, turned on the spring cleaning time!
Oh, and while it was.
Finished early and good Christmas and year-end/new year holidays let it.
If you clean your Hui is..!
Call waiting.

Fall clean-up blitz

Fall clean-up campaign

Now, price 20% off!!
We gotta get rid of before cleaning stubborn stains!
Call waiting.

In the locker room cleaning to do!

After cleaning, the beautiful vastly now!
Now, comfortably, you can change it.

Passage is shiny as you can see.

Before the clean-up was dirty like.

Is a clean separation of

Renovation cleaning

Because yesterday was hot, help ~!
Hard and finished with 37 acres remodel cleaning ~!
Voila, the living room!

This was prior to cleaning,

Part of the part-time job wanted

At the supermarket in Sagara, looking for inside cleaning staff in the morning!
900 yen per hour
Work is 7:00-12:00Of 4 hours between the
Travel allowance and
Gender age experience does not matter
People want to be healthy, and healthy diet for those who want to work.
Contact information is
090-3560-7914The Qingdao until
Your phone is waiting for you.

Spots on the floor taking requests

To be sure, on the floor is a stain...!

Good luck, combined with a wax finish stains!

Fan dirt fell and refreshing!

Today, it is clean the propeller type fan.
It's quite dirty.

Dismantle and clean.

After the clean-up, as you can see clean beautiful became!

By day Zowie!

It is a property in Fukuroi today.
The kitchen was in trouble.
Wow, there's a lot of water~!
Maybe it's the drain?

After all, it was boring!
I removed the filth and, as you can see, it became clean and clean!

8Campaign of the month

Authentic summer coming through! To spend the summer in the comfort air conditioning cleaning is essential! Cleaning is still better, call now if you please. Now, from the first 20% discount, second is 30% off!