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2018On July 17. : Air conditioning cleaning
It's been very hot.
Life without air conditioning is unthinkably hot.

Isn't the air conditioner in your house in such a state?

MoldIt's a messy situation.

When you clean the air conditioner ...

It will be so beautiful!!!!!

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2018年4月20日 : Looking for people who can finance ~!
At the hospital of our business partner, we are looking for people who can do accounting~!
The location is Yoshida-cho.
If you know anyone, please introduce us!
2017年12月8日 : Housecleaning ~!
I was asked for the floor wax construction.
Carefully down the dirt, wax twice!
It took two full days with three because it was a big house.
Became very beautiful! Was pleased and so cheap!

2017December, 6 pm : Housecleaning ~!
Finally, turned on the spring cleaning time!
Oh, and while it was.
Finished early and good Christmas and year-end/new year holidays let it.
If you clean your Hui is..!
Call waiting.
2017年11月13日 : Fall clean-up blitz
Fall clean-up campaign

Now, price 20% off!!
We gotta get rid of before cleaning stubborn stains!
Call waiting.