Business Affairs

Floor cleanse

Facilities, stores, offices, shops, etc., mainly P-tiles, PVC sheets
Wax from floor cleaning.
If you neglect the maintenance of the floor, the floor will black out.
Because it is especially easy to accumulate dirt in places where there is a lot of traffic of people
Wash thoroughly and make it clean, protected with wax.
If the stains of the years are severe, the peeling work to remove the old wax is also
We are doing.

Fixed-term clean-up

Even if the cleaning wax is applied to the floor, it will be time-to-time
Dirt accumulates. Cleaning to maintain cleanliness and aesthetics.
Offices, rooms, waiting rooms and meeting rooms, common areas (aisles, toilets, changing rooms), etc.
We will clean various places in a planned way.
At the same time, cleaning and filter cleaning of air conditioners, glass cleaning, dust removal of ventilation fans, etc.
General cleaning and combination are also free.

Air conditioning cleaning

Air conditioner
Even if you can clean the filter yourself, the inside is a little ...
The majority of customers think so.
It is almost due to internal dirt, such as mold odor and low air volume.
In order to clean the inside, remove the exterior and float the dirt with a special cleaning solution
Rinse thoroughly with a washing machine with appropriate pressure.
Commercial air conditioner (ceiling mounted type)
It is an air conditioner that is often seen in common areas such as facilities, offices, stores, etc.
Dust is especially easy to dance in places where there is a lot of traffic, and dirt accumulates
We will continue to do so. Because it is installed on the ceiling, it is easy to check the inside
I can't do it, and I'm just left unattended! What a thing.
Like room air conditioners, remove the exterior and float dirt with a special cleaning solution.
Rinse thoroughly with a washing machine with appropriate pressure.

House cleaning

* All prices shown are excluding tax....

You may change price depending on the size and specifications for standard specification, all prices are.
Therefore, ago starting operation always will be a confirmation of the site and will tell the estimate and amount.
Air conditioners may be refused if the work range cannot be secured in the installation state.

In addition, we also clean glass, vacancies (when moving in/ moving out), newly built beauty equipment, and cleaning common areas.
First of all, please contact us by phone.

Flow of service

Contact us-contact us(free)

First of all, please apply by phone or e-mail.
In order to perform the work more smoothly, I would like to see the current situation of the site in advance. After that, we will submit a notice of the amount and an estimate if necessary in writing.

We strive to be safe, secure, and courteous so that our customers can be satisfied.